Sunday, October 14, 2007

AHL Tournament Starts Monday!

To the right you see the results of the poll where I asked you guys which league you wanted to see voted on first. Well you answered with a resounding "AHL"!

Out of 1809 votes, 1574 (87%) chose AHL, while 235 (13%) chose ECHL. This means the AHL Tournament of Logos will begin tomorrow!

One quick note about that, by the way. If you're familiar with NHLToL, I just wanted to point out that ToHL will be slightly different with regard to polls. Each poll will remain open for five days and, unlike NHLToL, new polls will be posted some time in the afternoon at ToHL — instead of early morning.

Hope that doesn't throw anybody off too much. But that's just how it is.

Also, the AHL bracket will be posted at some point tomorrow as well. All 29 teams will be involved. Since it's an odd number we'll begin with a preliminary round to get things down to even numbers. I'll describe more about how the tournament will work tomorrow.

Remember, spread the word! If nobody votes, there's no point to this site!