Friday, March 14, 2008

Housekeeping For ToHL

Just keeping you guys up to date on the blog. I've posted the bracket for the WHL tournament as you can see. The awkward number of teams has forced a strange situation on that bracket. It was created completely randomly so there's no bias going on. (Not that there would be anyway as I don't have any interest in these leagues whatsoever.)

So here's the deal. The team at the top of each side gets a bye in the first round. Then you'll notice the logo that wins in the first poll of the second round on each side gets a bye in the third — going straight to the fourth round. So there's a lot of room for quick advancement. Just remember that all we're determining is the BEST logo. Not the second best or the third best...

You'll also notice the schedule is up in the sidebar. It shows you when each poll will open and when it will close. At the moment, the have no links on account of my laziness. That may or may not change.

Finally, if you've been over to NHLToL today, you might've noticed the new logo champion banners I've hung in the sidebar. I'll be doing the same right here for the AHL's Moose and the ECHL's Thunder very soon.

That's all for now. Cougars and Pats tomorrow. Happy voting!

UPDATE (3/15 10:00 AM): I've been thinking about it and I want to try something different. There's this illusion that the way the bracket is set up is unfair because it allows for the possibility of one logo getting two byes in the same tournament. Really it doesn't matter since we're determining the lone best and not a ranking, but just to try something new, I'm moving the third round bye to the bottom of the bracket.

For example, this is how the old bracket looked.

And here is the new bracket.

So now the winner at the bottom of the second round will get an automatic bye to the fourth round. Make sense? If not, oh well. It's really not that complicated and maybe it's unnecessary, but my thought is it might avoid us seeing the same logos in the tournament more often than is reasonable.

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