Monday, October 1, 2007

Logo Pools For First Tournament

Wow, after just one day and over 500 votes, it seems like you all, rather overwhelmingly, would like to see the AHL tournament go first. Still, just to let you all know what you're voting on, I'm posting the logo pools for both the AHL and ECHL.


There sure are a lot of red logos up there. But those 29 make up the AHL pool. So vote AHL if you want to vote on these logos first!


At least this set is a little more varied in terms of color. These are the 25 logos that make up the ECHL pool. So vote ECHL if you want to vote on these logos first!

We'll get to other leagues in the future including, but not limited to the CHL, OHL, QMJHL, WHL, BCHL, EIHL, IHL, and USHL — just to name a few. It'll be more difficult for me to gather logos for lesser-known leagues to make graphics, so any help you guys might be able to offer would be enormously appreciated. You can email links or images to me at

UPDATE (10/2 3:06 PM): Made some updates to these pools. On the AHL side, I updated the logos for Bridgeport, Lake Erie, Manchester and Manitoba. (I know some of you have told me the wordmark is no longer part of the logo for the Moose, but that's what they use on the web site. I'd be happy to change it, but I'll need a good graphic source. I haven't found an image large enough to make a graphic out of yet. If you can help with that, email me.)

For the ECHL, I added the Gwinnett Gladiators logo which somehow got overlooked when I was transferring files.

Once again, let me know if there's anything else I need to change to get prepared for the new tournament. Thanks everybody!

UPDATE (10/7 10:11 AM): Just updated a few more logos in these two pools. Got rid of the wordmark in the Manitoba logo for the AHL and added better graphics for Elmira, Idaho, Mississippi and Pensacola of the ECHL. Enjoy!