Sunday, November 25, 2007

ECHL Tourney Starts Monday!

Just wanted to congratulate the Moose on their win one more time. But just because we're finished with the AHL, by no means are we finished with this blog. We've still got dozens of minor leagues to cover. And as promised, the ECHL will be next!

Beginning Monday you'll be able to start casting votes toward determining the ECHL's best logo. The new bracket can now be found in the sidebar, so I'll take this moment to briefly explain it. As always, the combinations were determined completely at random (thanks,

Like the AHL tournament, since we have an odd number teams, we'll have to do a preliminary round. As far as differences, since there are 16 teams in one conference and 9 in the other, I had to randomize each side of the bracket just to even things out. Also worth noting is the fact that the first logo from each side to advance to the third round will get an automatic bye to the fourth round. That's just the way it had to be.

If you've got any questions about the bracket, feel free to leave them in the comments area or email me.

So, look for the first poll to be posted tomorrow at some point. It'll be the Columbia Inferno and Cincinnati Cyclones.


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion: if you've got to give someone a bye why not make it the one who got the highest percentage of votes in the previous round? The way it is now there's potential for a bad logo to get a lucky seed and go deep.

Chris said...

Depth means nothing when the teams are seeded randomly. Theoretically, the best two logos in the entire tournament could face each other in the very first round but one would have to be eliminated there, thus making it appear that the "second best" logo was among the worst. This tournament is only determining the lone best as opposed to a ranking.

Ultimately, my reasoning for doing the bye that way is simplicity. It would just be a mess having to keep rearranging the brackets. See what I'm saying?

Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Anonymous said...

go with the OHL next!

Sandtrooper said...

Remember what I said in my e-mail Chris? ("The Salmon Kings are unlikely to get past the 1st round") The matchup looks quite nice between the two...

- Jordon

Anonymous said...

I love minor league logos the best. This will be the best tourney yet.

The Kyle said...

quote: go with the OHL next!

it'd be just selfish to go with another american league
we need something calssy like a finnish league
do the SM-Liiga there's only 13 teams there so it'd be quick and easy