Thursday, March 13, 2008

WHL Logo Pool

Nearly 700 votes were cast in the poll to determine which CHL league would be first in the series logo tournaments. The majority of you chose the WHL. Here are the 22 logos that will be used in this tournament, which starts tomorrow.

I tried to match all of the logos to each team's official web site. So they should all be accurate. However, minor league teams can be difficult in terms of logos. If you find any inaccuracies, make your case in the comments below. If we can catch a mistake before polls are posted, the logos can be corrected. Once a logo appears in a poll, I cannot make any changes.

Enjoy the WHL Tournament of Logos!

WHL Tourney Starts Tomorrow!

You, the readers, have spoken! The Western Hockey League will begin our CHL series of logo tournaments. The WHL edged out the OHL by 10 votes. The first poll of the WHLToL opens on Friday. And just to tease you a bit, I'll tell you the Brandon Wheat Kings and Calgary Hitmen will kick things off.

I'll try to get the bracket and poll schedule posted early in the afternoon. (No promises, though.) I'm developing the bracket right at this moment. With 22 teams, it'll be tricky, but I'm not concerned. I will, by the way, have the WHL logo pool posted tonight.

Now with these minor league teams, it's sometimes hard to tell what logo is their primary versus secondary, for instance. So take a look at the pool when I post it and lodge any objections you may have in the comments. If enough people take issue with a certain logo and present a decent enough argument, I'll consider changing it. But no changes will be made after a poll is posted.