Sunday, November 25, 2007

Best AHL Logo: Manitoba Moose!


Congratulations go out to the Manitoba Moose logo this morning for being named by the voters here at ToHL as the best in the American Hockey League! So in case you were ever wondering which AHL logo was the best, wonder no more!

The Moose finished the final poll with a whopping 61% of the nearly 2,500 votes. No other poll in this tournament even came close to that number of votes, by the way. Just goes to show everyone wants to be part of determining the winner.

Over 23,000 votes were cast in this tournament on the way to determining the champion. So as always, my biggest thanks go out to everyone who cast a vote. You guys are the reason I do this.

Moose fans, enjoy your bragging rights!

But it's not over here. We'll be determining the best logo in the ECHL next. So stay tuned for that. I should have a bracket and first-round schedule up soon.


Moosefan said...

The best logo definitely won! GO MOOSE GO!

sjsharks112 said...


im now even more proud of my Flaherty jersey i always liked that logo

Anonymous said...

why didnt you put my moose concept up!

sjsharks112 said...
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The Kyle said...

now we need to have the seakings place in a respectful ranking and the canucks organization had 3 good tourneys