Monday, October 15, 2007

The Tournament Has Begun!

Man, I did not realize how much work it would be to launch a second tournament while I already have one going.

Anyway, the AHL Tournament of Logos has now started with the posting of the first poll. It's a little different from what you're used to in that we're starting with a preliminary round. Because of the odd number of teams in the AHL, I've decided this would be the easiest way to solve that problem. So the winner of the Stars/Monsters poll (posted today) will be the last logo placed in the bracket — facing the Grand Rapids Griffins.

The other big difference is that the first team to advance past the first round in each conference will win a bye for the second round. It may seem complicated, but it's the best thing I could figure out with seven polls in the first round on each side.

The most important thing is that each logo was placed in the bracket randomly!

So every team had an equal chance of getting placed in every position. You can see the bracket by clicking on the graphic at the top of the sidebar. The schedule will be in the sidebar just as soon as I can get it made. Hope you all enjoy the tournament!


odessasteps said...

too bad we could not have had admirals vs admirals in the first round.

Chris said...

I think that would've caused the universe to implode.