Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poll: Grizzlies vs Thunder


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Tue Nov 27
Poll closing date
Sat Dec 1

07ECHL | #1A | UTAvSTK


The Kyle said...

it wuz kind of funny cuz when i saw that grizzlies logo i see utah and automatically think about the Utah Jazz
then I look over at the other logo and the city name is Stockton
(John Stockton was a star point guard for the Utah Jazz)
anyway i voted Grizzlies because the Thunder logo looks too cartoony and i hate big long beards

Thehurricane said...

i choose thunder cause of colour combo black and yellow is sick as well as that guy has a sick beard

Jason said...

Don't let Santa hear you talking about long beards like that, Kyle.