Saturday, December 8, 2007

Poll: Wildcatters vs Royals


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Sat Dec 8
Poll closing date
Wed Dec 12

07ECHL | #1K | TEXvRDG


Anonymous said...

two crappy logos

whistler said...

what? you gotta be kidding me. The Royals have one of the best logos in minor league hockey.

No city and team name.
No hockey puck.
No hockey stick.

Bush League Factor called it one of the best and I have to agree with the guy. It's a classy logo that makes sense.

The Wilcatters logo just is goofy. Too much going on and it looks like he has an antenna sticking out of his hard hat.

erik said...

It's an oil well! Get it, Texas?

qwertyuiop said...

yes, because any logo featuring a purple lion that looks like it's at a dentist appointment is perfect :)

Jason said...

That Royals logo is pretty nice. Might even work as an alternate for the Kings.

Anonymous said...

Love the Royals logo...They should be one of the favorites. Love the fact they don't have a stick going through the Lions head or their logo isnt a lion holding a stick

odessasteps said...

Are the Royals the lower league affiliate of the Manchester Monarchs?

those logos are very similar.

dfwbat said...

Hey Whistler, that "antenna" sticking out of the top of his head is an oil derrick(in the background...)

1. One who is engaged in speculative mining or well drilling in areas not known to be productive.

So if you know anything about the oil industry, and its importance to the Beaumont area, the logo makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

mine as well put the LA Kings logo up there


Kings Rule!

Anonymous said...

Lion = King of the jungle = Royalty
Royal purple color looks great
Lion looks mean
great connection with upper level teams Monarchs, Kings.
A Winner!

Anonymous said...

At least the Wildcatters logo actually means something.
It shows something about the Beaumont area.
It shows the history of the area, and the oil industry.

What does a purple lion say about Reading, Pennsylvania?
Yawn....I mean "rawr" LOL

Anonymous said...

If Beaumont really wanted their logo to represent their town, it should just be an empty arena and some tumbleweed.