Monday, March 17, 2008

Poll: Chiefs vs Blazers


Place your vote and leave a comment about how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Mon Mar 17
Poll closing date
Fri Mar 21


David said...

Hey man - there's only one "p" in "Kamloops"

And I do like how when the city bought the former "Junior Oilers" they kept the Oiler colour scheme while coming up with an entirely new brand. Gotta go with the 3-time Memorial Cup winners.

Bryan said...

I think both logos are bad, but o well, neither will win the tourney so thats fine.

Jason said...

Man, this match up is tough. These are two of my favourites.

David said...

Man, I love these logos. Classic logos that just work. Great color schemes too. Blazers are repeat champs but their logo isn't as clean. Gonna have to go with the cheifs on this one.