Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poll: Knights vs Spirit


Here we are. The final poll of the 2008 OHL Tournament of Logos. It's down to these two and one will be named the best of the Ontario Hockey League. Your vote will decide who gets the bragging rights.

Place your vote and leave a comment about how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Thu May 22
Poll closing date
Mon May 26


Jason said...

Knights for sure. Spirit isn't bad, but I'm surprised it got this far. I've voted against it in half of its match-ups.

Anonymous said...

the knight logo is good enough to be an nhl logo imo

Nathan said...

how did that spirit logo make it so far. it really sucks nut.

that knight logo is boss though. it is waaay ahead of any other in this tournament

scott said...

Best minor league logo by far and would be in the top half of NHL logos. There should be a poll for the winners of each of these to determine the top minor league logo.

Gil said...

And how about at the end of that tournament, the winner goes against the Canadiens on the NHL side?

scott said...

Maybe include the Canadiens, the two vintage winners and the Capitals secondary logo on the other side. Either mix them with the 4 winners on this side or have the best from each side meet in the finals. It would be very interesting to see what happens. I think the Knights have a definate edge.

Phil said...

That Knights logo is epic...I agree with everyone who said it would be a fantastic NHL logo.

A tournament of champions would be pretty damn sweet, too!

Michael said...

Yes they are doing a "Tournament of Champions" soon! After the QMJHL tourney is done, the Swift Current Broncos, London Knights, and whoever wins the QMJHL tourney will be facing off in a "Memorial Cup" of CHL logos!

nogoodbye said...

Who then is the "host" logo for this memorial cup of logos?

Matt said...

Don't let Spokane "HOST" the Mem. Cup of Logos. If they win they may break the website.

nogoodbye said...

Don't let Spokane "HOST" the Mem. Cup of Logos. If they win they may break the website.

lol. That was funnier then when the BC Lions broke the Grey Cup.

Anonymous said...

I hate the Knights logo a lot. I thought it was going to be gone in the first round and the Spirit or Whalers were going to win. I have a feeling it will win the tournament of champions even though I hate it so much.