Sunday, September 30, 2007

Welcome To The Spinoff

Yes, I'm going to call it the spinoff for a little while. Welcome to the Tournament of Hockey Logos blog.

The NHL Tournament of Logos became so popular in such a short span of time that I figured why not continue the phenomenon for other leagues. This site will allow visitors to vote on the best logos the minor leagues have to offer. And if it extends beyond that, so be it.

Don't expect there to be as many posts on a day-to-day basis as NHLToL as I'm not as well-versed on other leagues. That being said, feel free to contribute as much as you like. You can send in concept art or new Rbk EDGE jersey photos for me to post. Same email address:

So I look forward to hearing from you guys as to what you'd be interested in seeing here at ToHL beyond the logo voting. If you have other leagues to suggest, I'd love to hear about it.

For now, place your vote in the sidebar as to the first league you'd like to vote on. Your choices right now are AHL and ECHL. We'll eventually get to as many as we can, but I've got to know which league you guys want to start with. So vote now!

The first tournament will begin on Monday, October 15.

Be sure to drop in tomorrow to see what the logo pools will look like for each league!


Kenneth said...

oh cool! id like to see an AHLToL first, and we all know the phantons would win by a landslide.

Anonymous said...

Come on, let there be anonymous bloggers on NhlTol.I don't want an account just to leave a comment!

Chris said...

Come on, let there be anonymous bloggers on NhlTol.I don't want an account just to leave a comment!

Sorry, I tried that for a while over there and it didn't work out well. Hopefully it won't turn out as badly here. If you really want to leave a comment, how hard would it really be to create an account? Thanks for visiting the new site!

reker said...

How about a CHL tournament later on. I know most of the teams are Canadian but there are some American teams and many of these teams have great logos.

Just a thought. Great job on the other site and great idea for this site.

John said...

ECHL should be first. Get it out of the way.

Will future ToL's be limited to North America? The Swedish and Finnish elite leagues have some sick logos.

Eric said...

I'd love to see a CHL tourney, or a NCAA tourney where you vote on favorite sweater (since logos have little to do with the hockey team)

Anonymous said...

I think, once we have done AHL and ECHL the Euro leagues should be thrown in